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I know that no nursing schools are easy to get into but I was wondering how hard it is to get into Indiana wesleyan for their accelerated 2nd degree BSN program. I checked their website last night and I have all of the pre reqs... Read More

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    I already had my interview this week for the June 2012 cohort. I spoke with the program coordinator and she told me that there were over 60 applicants and they are accepting 24 students. I am not sure how many people they have interviewed so far. Good luck everyone! P.S. is anyone looking for a housemate? I am from California and have no idea about the housing market in Marion!
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    Has anyone heard anything? I've been checking the mail everyday waiting and hoping for that acceptance letter! I hope we hear soon! I also heard that there were fewer applicants for this cohort of 24, which is great. Sorry, not looking for a house mate, but I am looking for someone to carpool with! If......................
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    I still haven't heard anything, I too have been checking my mail everyday hoping for a letter! That's great that there were fewer applicants! I am also looking for someone to carpool with! Where are you from? Let me know when you get your letter and good luck!
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    I received my letter today and I got accepted! I bet you girls will get your letter tomorrow if you haven't already gotten them!
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    Accepted!!!!! I am from Columbia City. Can't wait to meet everyone!
    Does anyone know anything about books?
    Also will be looking to do CPR certification somewhere.
    Good luck to everyone!
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    Can you elaborate more on the ATI exam I was under the impression that the nclex exam was the main exam to take