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hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank oyu so right here waiting...... Read More

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    It is amazing how underpaid some nurses are. I left a career making 27 an hour to go back to school for this field. I know I must be out of my mind, but I am hoping it will make me happy in the end. Here's hoping...

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    I just moved in indianapolis and just got my LPN license. I have been offered 19 dollars an hour at one place and 20 dollars an hour at another. Don't settle for less
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    I live in Indiana work in Chicago. I make 1/3 more working in Chicago

    35/hr with full benefits
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    Quote from tjb6929
    I work in northwest indiana at a hospital. i am registry there- which means i do not get benefits or paid time off, however i get much more an hour than base staff make. I am currently an LPN, will have my Rn in may '07. I make $23/hr. when i worked midnights i made $25/hr for shift differential. i believe staff LPn make around $15/ me it is worth it to make more an hour. When i get my RN i will be making $34-36/hr. I love registry, i would recommend it to anyone that can go without benefits through work, like if you can get on your husbands- or even if you can purchase your own for cheaper. My friend works in a physicians office (cardiac doctors) and she only makes $13.75/hr. Unfortunately offic positions are not that high paying, at least in this area. hope this was helpful.

    DO they have this option at every hospital? I too am from NW Indiana, would you be willing to tell me which hospital this is? I am very new to all this. I am starting the LPN program in January through Ivy Tech, so I will hopefully be licensed in a little over a year, then will transition to RN. I don't need any benefits, as my husband has really good insurance. Thank you for any advice you can give me!
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    I work at the Logansport State Hospital and am now at 19.16/hr as an RN on dayshift. I believe evenings and midnights make about 5,000 more per year. It's not a bad rate of pay for the area.
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    Nurseguy74....You should come to the prison and could make even more! Alot of our Q's came from the state hospital, so you might even know a few of them! ( Just a suggestion, I hope you don't mind). Lisa
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    It is intersting seeing how much nurses are making! I have been a medic for many years and left after 12 years with one company making 18.65/hr. I also worked in a cardiac cath lab in northern michigan and was making 18.00/hr as a medic. I hope I can get a higher wage because of past experience I am currently living in Texas, but we are talking about moving to the Indianapolis area when I graduate from nursing school. It is nice to get an idea of what the pay is.
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    wow, what a variety....guess there's really no such thing as "indiana pay". i just graduated from a pn program and am waiting to test. i was told by the program director and also some dons and staff recruiters that indiana does not hire graduate nurses, we must be licensed. does that only apply to pns, or have the rules changed for rns? anyway, that's beside the elkhart county ltc, starting pay at 3 places i have interviewed with are:
    $15/hr for days, $18 for 2nd shift and $17 for 3rd;
    $15/hr for days, $19 for 2nd and $18 for 3rd;
    $16/hr for days, $20 for 2nd and $19 for 3rd
    consider benefits, driving distance, etc. if my hubby worked 2nd i'd grab it in a heartbeat, but i kinda like the guy, and money isn't everything . 2nds are less hectic too.
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    In southern IN the new grad-low experience rate to start is $19-$20 per hour full time, around $25 for PRN. This is w/o shift diff.
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    Once I graduate from nursing school and get my license, am I considered a grad nurse? I see a lot of different starting wages for grad nurses and I am wondering if this is for people who have no hospital/medical experience or is this what all grad nurses get? The reason I ask is because of my past experience. I have been a medic since 1991, worked in an ER for two years, and worked in a cath lab for a few months (had to move to Texas). I loved the cath lab and I am hoping to stay involved with cardiac patients. This brings me to another critical care RN's make more than general med RN's?

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