How hard is it to get into a nursing school?

  1. Hello all,

    1. I plan to apply for ADN program in Iowa. Does anyone know whether it is extremely hard to get into one of the community colleges?

    2. Does anyone know that whether it is easy for an RN fresh graduate to find job in Iowa Hospitals? Do most hospitals give green card sponsorship?

    Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   stormy422
    I spent my first year completing pre requisites for the ADN program while I waited to be accepted.
  4. by   mogwhy
    I'm in nursing school right now, and I couldn't believe how easy it was. I didn't have to take pre-reqs because they were included into the program. There was no waiting! It was very nice. I graduate March 23.
  5. by   midcom
    Most of the Community Colleges have a 1-2 year waiting period. However, you can use that time to complete the general ed courses.
    There are no waiting periods in the private colleges that I am aware of, however the cost of tuitionis very high. I am starting at a private college in October. My costs will be close to $16,000 for one year. Yech!
  6. by   S.N. Visit
    I don't think it is extremely hard at all to get into most of the Iowa nursing schools. I don't know anything about green card sponsorship. I go to IHCC and the only pre-req is the CNA course.
  7. by   bombay
    Hi mogway. where did you go to school. Also are you going to be an rn or lvn and how long did it take?
  8. by   marktheawesome
    it's not hard to get in but VERY discouraging... took me 4 years of gen ed and waiting to get in. I spent 2 years on my gen ed classes and another 2 years waiting...

    To give you a timeline, I graduated high school in 2004 and I'm in my first semester right now.
  9. by   omotzury
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