Fort Wayne, IN what's the best hospital for cardiac problems and do they have

  1. Hi everyone. I have a friend that is having cardiac problems and she lives in Fort Wayne, IN. Between Lutheran and Dupont hospitals, which is has the better outcomes and has the better MD's/nurses? This friend has no insurance and is waiting for a referral to a cardiologist. Despite my best efforts, isn't willing to go yet to the hospital and has symptoms of an MI and CHF because of the costs. Do either of these hospitals offer financial assistance? Thanks in advance.
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    Even if we knew, we wouldn't be allowed per TOS to answer that question.

    Hope your friend has a good outcome.
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    Both hospitals are part of Lutheran Health network.... time is of the essence in treating MI and CHF..please ask your friend to go to the ER immediately for an eval.

    One can call the hospital and ask for patient registration or business office ask for info re patients without insurance and charity care programs they have.
    Patient registration open 24/7.
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    OK, let me rephrase the question. In the state of Oregon our hospital has a link which shows were the hospital ranks on core measures. For example
    In Indiana where does one find that info? And how does a pt. find out information about financial assistance?
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    Thanks for your response. I have explained in great detail why she needs to go, but so far she hasn't gone.
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    medicare developed website to report + encourage consumers to compare quality of care provided by facilities in their area; can search by certain medical conditions.
    medicare hospital compare quality of care

    this is what is driving hospitals, nursing homes and homecare agencies to be fanatical about quality scores and patient surveys. - nursing home compare

    home health agencies -
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    She will want to go to a facility with a cath lab in the event of an emergency. Lutheran hospitals are FOR PROFIT facilities and Parkview is NOT FOR PROFIT. I recommend Parkview, because, since they are not for profit, they have better financial services. Lutheran billing is a nightmare and they will go to no limits to destroy your credit score in the event of inability to pay.
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    Thanks everyone, I sent the info to her. She has an appt set up with a cardiologist now at least.
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    [FONT=fixedsys]Parkview Heart Center
    2331 Carew Street
    Ft Wayne, IN 46805
    (866) 478-9473