Financial Aid/Student Loans for Summer classes (Ivy tech)

  1. I am taking summer classes and need Financial Aid/Loans to cover costs. I have emailed the school 3x and left 2 messages in the past few weeks and have gotten no response.

    Last summer I got loans but they have since changed the way they do that process. I used to go out to Sallie Mae and apply myself but starting last fall, Ivy Tech would email you what you qualify for and you just accept/deny.

    Does anyone know how it's going to work?
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  3. by   GPatty
    Have you heard anything yet?
    Here it is the 28th, and I've heard nothing yet myself, and I need money too....
  4. by   IndyIvy
    I finally got ahold of someone 2 weeks ago and they said that the FA offices are working on them. I need to order books, they need to get with it!