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Right now I am doing my pre-reqs to try to get into the RN program at Ivy Tech. I am also about to put my hair in dreadlocks very soon. Before I do, I would like to know if you think it will be hard for me to get a job? They... Read More

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    Quote from Innurse78
    Your hair must be above the collarline, off your face and be neat. Other than that, they can not say anything about an ethenic culture hairstyles. Good luck!!!
    Thank you. I'm not a very patient person, so I'm hoping that my hair will grow fast and healthy. I am tired of relaxers, and hopefully I'm able to enjoy every stage of my locs as they grow. I have researched the topic heavily and am eager to finally take the plunge!

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    I am currently and RN student. I have went to the same college since my first day of CNA classes. On July 4th 2011, I put my hair in dreads. I have never had a complaint about them and every clinical setting I have entered the individuals I work with and the clients I have taken care of have been intrigued by my hair. I am a white women and I feel that we as health care professionals set the standard of being nonjudgmental and raise the bar when it comes to putting an end to stereotyping. I love my dreads and to tell a nurse she cannot have dreads is to say to a Jamaican, African American, or anyone else who has dreads that we do not approve...and this kind of attitude in itself is nonprofessional and discriminatory. We need to step past the point of stereotyping and just be supportive of everyone and the differences they bring to our community.
    This is my opinion....be who you are and know that your hair never determines what kind of a nurse you will be. No matter your hairstyle you will find work somewhere. For someone to deny you of a job because you have dreads is not an EOE/company to work for to begin with.
    Best of Luck
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    I wore locs for seven years, maintained a clean, professional appearance(washed,groomed,wore off my face and collar) and my hair never kept me from educational or work opportunities. I lived and worked in culturally diverse and progressive places(Los Angeles, New York, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Las Vegas). Individual choice and expression are respected and encouraged more in some places than others. Consider where and how you would like to live and work as you job search. Walk your path, learn as much as you can and provide the best care you can for your patients: )
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    I think dreadlocks are self expressive. They are a form of freedom. My dreads are therapy for my soul. If anybody is unhappy with my dreads then they abviously dont accept who I am. Embrace who you are in surroundings that respects you for you. Good luck on your choice to lock and be a proffessional as well.

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