Do I have a chance??

  1. Hello! I have been following many of the Indiana and Ivy Tech discussion boards, but this is my first post. I turned in my applications for RN and LPN at Ivy Tech Bloomington, and now I am really worried I do not have any hope or chance of getting into either program. I have all A's in my pre-reqs, plus the 3 points for region, but scored a miserable 76.5 on the TEAS. I have total test anixeity!!!! I know the material but go blank when it comes time to the test. So I have a whopping 199.5 total points, or 200 if they are going to round up the TEAS score. Does anyone think I have a shot at the LPN program? I have pretty much come to terms with the fact that the RN program at Bloomingtion is out for me, but I am holding a little hope that the LPN is still within my grasp. Anybody have any insight for me? I am really bummed out.
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  3. by   Lennonninja
    I unfortunately have to agree with you that there's probably not a chance with the RN program I don't know the usual cutoff with the LPN program though. One of my coworkers is in the LPN program at Columbus with points equal to or less than yours. I'd definitely check out Columbus if you can!
  4. by   IndyIvy
    Yeah. i know about test the Teas isn't an easy test!!! don't get down on yourself. there are lots of ppl who wish they got your score.

    you might as well apply to the programs, it certainly can't hurt. I've heard that Bloomington is difficult to get into but you might get into the LPN.