Clarian's Sneak-a-peek program

  1. Has anyone else done this? I did one today at IU, and signed up for another one at Riley. I am hoping to start the nursing program at IvyTech in January, and it was really interesting to go shadow a nurse for the morning. I was with a resource center/pool nurse on spcu, dealing with 2 patients- one esophagaeal (sp?) cancer and one breast cancer. The day was nothing like what I was expecting but I loved every minute of it, and am even more excited to start classes now!
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  3. by   Qtrhrse
    This sounds like a great you know where to find more info?
  4. by   csab
    I was going to do this back in January, but then found out you have to be there at 7:30 am and right now I just can't do that on a school day. I really wanted to though!
  5. by   MyschelT
    i got the info from here: then when you click on register it will give you the dates available and what hospital they are at. It really was a good experience, I highly recommend it. You can do more than one also, which I am definitely doing. I'll be doing the august one at riley. They are either full or done until then, the recruiter said they don't have the sneeak a peeks over the summer.
  6. by   Qtrhrse
    Thank you so much for the info...Good luck with all your classes!