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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts/information on Ball State' s accelerated BSN program in Muncie? Is it difficult to get in? My other bachelor degree is from BSU. I have talked to them but do not know anyone who has been in the program. I really cannot decide if I need the BSN or to get the ADN from Ivy Tech (which is almost impossible to get in). Thoughts anyone??


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  3. by   dawn1971
    Hi! I am currently in BSU's fast track ( I also have my other degree from BSU), I am very happy there, I will be done next May. Why don't you PM me and I will answer any questions you have. You need a 2.75 or 2.8 to get in to the 19 month track. I think they just raised their gpa in their regular program to a 3.00. But, the gpa doesn't mean you get in, it's based upon who else applies, their gpa, and how many spots they have. Also, you need to get C's in all the pre-reqs (c's are usually 75%, and this tends to weed out a lot of candidates). It is a very challenging program, they really don't cut anyone a lot of slack, but I feel that I'm learning a lot and most of the staff are WONDERFUL and really want you to do well. Good luck! Dawn
  4. by   jls2837

    Did you receive your BSN degree from Ball State? I would love to talk to someone who has had recent experience with BSU nursing program. I will be attending this fall, full time and have many, many questions. I would love to hear back from you. Thanks!