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Any University of Indianapolis students?

  1. 0 If so, i'd like to ask you a few questions.....
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    This may be a little late but I am a Nursing Student @ University of Indianapolis. Anyone else????
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    I need help bigtime!!! Awesome Nurse...can you tell me about the Kaplan test at U of indianapolis. I have been accepted to the school, but I am trying to get accepted to the ASN program.
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    Have you taken any preq's for U of Indy yet? Have you attended any other colleges before? There is a Kaplan study guide online that you can purchase to help you prepare for the test. I'm still taking preq's myself. I am applying for the BSN program.
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    Hello Awesome nurse...I am currently enrolled at U of Indy. I have applied for the ASN track....I have taken all of my prereqs at Ivy Tech...and yes they transferred..I have a 3.5 right now...and I have already taken the Kaplan test....any advice? Have you been accepted to the BSN program?
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    Hi... I am currently enrolled at Ivy Tech but I am ready to go somewhere else. Before I go to Kaplan, Medtech, J Everett, Harrison, etc etc I am looking at UINDY. Before I apply though I wanted to ask how competitive it is?? Are there waitlists??
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    I am currently enrolled at UIndy. I applied to BSN clinicals starting for this fall. There is not really a waitlist. It is competitive, as almost all nursing schools are. There are 64 BSN clinical spots and I believe 58 ASN clinical spots. Also, UIndy students get first priority when it comes to acceptance in the program, 24 credit hours at UIndy makes you a UIndy student, transfer students get any clinical spots leftover. Your required to have a 2.84 GPA to make it into clinicals. I was told by the nursing advisor, that usually, every UIndy student who has that GPA makes it into clinicals.

    However, I transferred in from Ivy Tech, and I was required to retake anatomy and physiology because they are seperate at UIndy, and ANP I and ANP II from Ivy tech only count as anatomy at UIndy. Not to mention, your science course grades have a lot of weight into your acceptance. I know this is a little confusing, and if your interested in I would definitely get in touch with an advisor.

    There is an amazing advisor who explains things awesomely! Even with retaking classes, I have been extremely happy at UIndy! I love it and the professors are so much more helpful and I have learned so much more at UIndy than I ever did at Ivy Tech! I would recommend UIndy to anyone anyday! Hope I answered some of your questions.
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    Thanks for all the info!!! I appreciate it!
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    Hello PKuper, I am in the process of taking classes at uindy. Right now I have abnormal Psych, discovery of mathematics, and sociology. Next semester I have Anatomy, Physiology, and western litt. I have taken all pre and co reqs already but I am trying to get my 24 hrs....LOL. How are you doing? Have you gotten in yet.
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    HI Emmi7, how are you doing at uindy...I think we should all keep each other motivated.
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    I'm transferring to Uindy next semester from Ivy Tech! My advisor said that I shouldn't get my hopes set on getting in for Fall of 2011 because of lack of seniority.... but I'm shooting for 2012! I can't wait to be a nursing student!
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    That great!!! Yep, to get senority you have to take at least 24 credit hours at the u of indy school. Yes, at university of Indianapolis....your future is very bright!!!
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    Yes, I did get into clinicals! I start in January! UIndy has started a new section of spring clinicals! I'm very excited and I'm sure you will do very well yourself! It's been rough. Taking organic chem and physio together made me so upset, I cried 24/7, but this semester has been fantastic! How's your's going?