any job movement for indy new grads? any job movement for indy new grads? | allnurses

any job movement for indy new grads?

  1. 0 has there been any job movement for new grads in the indy area?

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    I was wondering if there had been any job movement, period. All I seem to see are a lot of postings from Maxim, Loving Care agency, and TLC.
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    Yeah, same companies with the same jobs posted week after week. I have known people who have worked at some of the LTC facilities, and high turnover due to poor working conditions is the reason for continuous ads. In my area, it's always Golden Living. I did see a posting a few days ago for a new grad in PACU at either Wishard or one of the Clarion facilities. Seems like all the job postings now want advanced degrees or bilingual abilities.