Accepted to two nursing schools but don't know who to choose..?

  1. I live in Indiana and have been accepted for the RN program at Vincennes University and Ivy Tech Community College. I have heard many good things about both schools. The RN program is said to be looked highly at Ivy Tech but I'm just worried that because it's a community college hospitals will pick someone from a University over me. I can do either, but Ivy Tech is close to my moms house, cheaper, and by my place of work. Where as VU is 2 hrs away and more than likely I would have to move and get a job down there. I am more than willing to do it if will benefit me job wise. But I as just wondering if anyone had a personal experience like this and what you did, and how it turned out.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you have been accepted in a BSN program, you should get the BSN and get it over with.
  4. by   MrsComboCurlz
    I agree with ^^^. Plus u have to weigh the pros and much TIME do u have to bank on finding a job and moving b4 u make a decision...this type of decision shouldn't be made quickly. Hope u find a resolution.
  5. by   IUstudent
    vu is not bsn & my sister went there & hated it.. more than likely bsn will be chosen over you for jobs but if that is not an option then ivy tech is great!
  6. by   flockyman
    Hi, Can I ask how many prerequisites did you complete to apply to Vincennes University and Ivy Tech Community College. Did you do entrance exam at both locations? Your reply will help me please. Thanks