Wilbur Wright College Chicago Humbolt Park Vocational Education Center LPN program - page 6

Hi, I'm very new at this so please be patient with me :) I've researched the LPN program with Wilbur Wright College at the Humbolt Park Vocational Education Center in Chicago, IL. Has anyone... Read More

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    Hello "btorres51"
    You don't have to call Northwestern for your TEAS test. You just have to apply on the ATItesting.com to take your test at any place you want to do so. I took my ATI testing at Northwestern on March 16, 2012, and I didn't tell them my intention. They asked me no question.; I just went take my test. Go apply to take the test, and do not tell them that you are there for Wright College.

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    Hello "catrina"
    i am also in the program for sum2012. My email is belojo2003@yahoo.fr . Send me an email so I could have yours. We could have a study group and it would really help because this is a real challenged program. That's what I 've heard; so, I want to put all my strenght to be successful

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