West Suburban College of Nursing - April 2009

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    I wanted to get some more information about this school from a past or present student's point of view!
    I realize there are a lot of posts regarding this school and this subject but I am also aware that those posts are a few months old already... so please bear with me.

    I do not need someone telling me to call admissions or visit the school because I have already done so.
    I want some perspective from anyone who has actually attended the school and personally have experienced it.

    Here are my questions:
    1) When did you apply and how soon did you hear back from them (phone call or letter) about being accepted or being denied acceptance?

    2) What is the schedule for the classes?! Do they meet once a week for 3 hrs. (like the school I am currently at now) or do they meet more than once or twice a week?!

    3) Do you start clinicals right away like in the first semester you start the program?! Where are some of the clinical sights?!

    4) When did you start the program and how soon did you finish (graduate)?! Which program were you in?!

    5) Did anyone ever go from a university nursing program to WSCN?!

    And any other information out there that I am forgetting that anyone would like to dispense about that school, the people, and the parking even!!

    Okay. Thanks!! :wink2:

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    At least the parking is free.......
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    My daugther is in the class that is graduating next month. She is a straight "A" student, but all she does is complain about the program,how disorganized they are and how they change rule in the middle of the courses. She did say there are 2 very wonderful instructors like Darla and Beth Holestein, there is one instructor (Lisa PhD) that has made several insensitive racial remarks about students from different cultures. This school has lost several excellent long term instructors because they felt the schools adminstrators did not respect nor care about the students. My daugther also said she did not learn much of anything in many of her classes, she did all of the reading and along with other students formed study groups that is how many of the Spring 09 class learned their information. My daugther would not recommend WSCN to anyone. Another thing the school did was gave the students a study guide for ATI testing version 1 when they knew the test was another version that also came with a study guide. How fair is that ? That was a true set up for failure.One of the instructors actually took the ATI exam and complained to adminstration about it, but of course adminstration did nothing about it . There are several major issues at the school to many to mention. If anyone wants true information about the school just go to the school and start asking students questions.
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    It's a good thing your daughter is an 'A' student at WSCN. My wife is going there and would not recommend it to her worst enemy. I could go on and on, but that would be pointless. You right on them mark with stating that many of the good instructors have left due to the poor quality of the program there. What a shame, to pay that much tuition and go through such an inferior program.:angryfire
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    Hi chubbyhubby

    Tell your wife that she needs to start or join a study group right away. It is shameful how this program continues to take in students without adequate faculty. Some of the students that are graduating next month will not even participate in the pinning cermony. Many are not order ing nursing pins because they do not want anything on their body that reminds them of the school. When a nurse recieves their nursing pin the are proud that pin implies that you are finish and should be worn proudly to work everyday for at least the first few years. Many of the student do not want it and that is the schools adminstration fault. Some of the students do not want the Dean to pin them some want family members that are nurses to pin them (only a nurse can pin another nurse). My daugther is paying for a review course because even though she passed every ATI exam with high scores she is afraid she will not pass NCLEX. The schools NCLEX pass rate was in the low 80's last year,now they are on academic probation (this is not unusal for nursing programs be be placed on probation).Schools areplaced on probation when their pass rate falls below 75% or 80%for three consecetive groups.I wish everybody Good Luck, study hard.
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    I agree with the study group idea, she studies with classmates already. I understand that the nurses are actually ashamed to admit that they came from WSCN when attending clinicals. As for the Dean, we have had nothing but negative results when dealing with her. She isn't able to tell the truth, or just doesn't want to. When my wife asked her for permission to participate in something, she was denied. When it was brought to the Dean's attention that Jane or John Doe (a fellow student in her class) was allowed to do it, the Dean denied it. And yet, the student told my wife he/she had the Dean's permission. Just too much BS going on at West Sub. It's hard enough getting through the schooling to be an RN, the extra crap that WSCN shovels on the students is just not worth it. CH :spin:
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    Good Luck to your wife. Tell her to study hard, ask questions, and compare notes with other students. Tell her not to give up and ask what was the results or the students interview when the Departmment of Higher Education came in last month. Was she interviewed?
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    I was going to apply here last year but I didnt have all the pre-reqs done, so would not have been able to start. Thank God, I did not attend. I have always heard some bad reviews on this school, and if a straight A student is having trouble, I definately will be having trouble!
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    Hi lvaliav
    Just to let you know all nursing programs are going through changes at this time. Many are unorganized, they are changing programs ect. As I wrote my daugther is graduating next month, she feels great but she said she would never recommend anyone to WSCN. She is not sure if she will pass NCLEX therefore she is paying for a review class,as many new graduates do. She said she hate for any of the hospital nurses to ask what school she is from, because many of the nurses view them as dumb. My daugther also said that LPN and ADN new grads have more skills than they do, and they have about the same level of knowledge. If that is true WSCN has a very poor program because LPN's do not have the same level of theory as a ADN or BSN. I understand her saying the LPN have more skills simply because LPN's are bedside nurses and they should have several skills. Continue to look WSCN is too expensive to go through the headache.
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    Yeah, I dont think I want to even look at west suburban anymore. Scratch that - I know I am not going to. Even when people asked me a year ago where I was thinking of applying to, when I said WSCN, I too felt embarassed and I wasnt even in the program. I give a standing applause to your daughter who has done an outstanding job through such a hard time. I hope to be at least half of a great nursing student as she is.

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