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    Hi guys... Just wanted to let u all know Weiss Hospital in Chicago is looking for nurses for their operating rooms!! Just a heads up from one nurse to another
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    Thanks for the info..Does thisapply to new graduates??? I tried calling HR, no response
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    Not sure but u can apply online, u don't need to speak with HR. good luck!!
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    Yes they are hiring new grads, u just have to complete a surgical compency program as part of your orientation.
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    I hope they are hiring in 17 months when I graduate ha. Do you currently work there upliftingRN?
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    Starting next month
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    Awesome! Congrats keep us updated.
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    UpliftingRN, you should get referral bonuses from this!
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    LOL so true
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    Weiss is a cool place to work, I work there for almost 3 years - in 2007-2010 they were starting some of the new grad RN's with 21-24hr, to me that is kind of low but that was some years ago, good luck!