1. Hi guys... Just wanted to let u all know Weiss Hospital in Chicago is looking for nurses for their operating rooms!! Just a heads up from one nurse to another
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  3. by   pedsluv
    Thanks for the info..Does thisapply to new graduates??? I tried calling HR, no response
  4. by   UpliftingRN
    Not sure but u can apply online, u don't need to speak with HR. good luck!!
  5. by   UpliftingRN
    Yes they are hiring new grads, u just have to complete a surgical compency program as part of your orientation.
  6. by   RickyLatino87
    I hope they are hiring in 17 months when I graduate ha. Do you currently work there upliftingRN?
  7. by   UpliftingRN
    Starting next month
  8. by   RickyLatino87
    Awesome! Congrats keep us updated.
  9. by   ArtisticNurse
    UpliftingRN, you should get referral bonuses from this!
  10. by   UpliftingRN
    LOL so true
  11. by   Barbiem2
    Weiss is a cool place to work, I work there for almost 3 years - in 2007-2010 they were starting some of the new grad RN's with 21-24hr, to me that is kind of low but that was some years ago, good luck!