Vista Medical Center East

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has heard of Vista East in Waukegan Illinois. I will be interviewing there for a position in labor and delivery and do not know too much about the hospital. If anyone has any info about the hospital or even the L&D department at the hospital, please share!
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  3. by   netglow
    Saw an ad for a NG program at Vista, guess it's Vista in Waukegan, IL.

    Ad says they are only considering brand spank'n new BSN grads who will be taking board exam in February 2013. Guess they don't want anybody who has graduated/passed boards earlier than that (who might have had time to research and know better, LOL). So you won't be considered if you graduated back in May, I guess.

    Have never heard anything positive about them, but thought I'd post in case anybody is interested.
  4. by   Cindycin37
    I would contact HR and find out if they would consider hiring a grad back in May. Never limit yourself based on job descriptions, sometimes they will make a consideration. I've passed up jobs because I didn't look beyond the job posting.