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Hello all! Is anyone applying to UIC nursing fall 2013?? I'm applying to the urbana campus. I am freaking out doing the application right now. I feel like my essays suck and i'm really having a hard time with them. I have a 3.9... Read More

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    I spoke with someone and she said they would not have time to read essays. Just give you ideas on how to me a competitive applicant. I just wanted extra input, but my goal was to get them in ASAP. You could go and give it a shot if you are not pressured on time. I just want to give enough time to recommenders to write something good for me instead of rushing them. Word limit was my problem as well as I wrote so much, so I had problems cutting everything down.

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    Quote from ariba
    They aren't?? Hmm do you think it would be a waste of time to go there then? Because if that's the case.. I rather stay home and finish up my essay and submit my application today. Yea i'm a little worried about the rec. letters i really hope my professors do a good job. I',m so nervous too and the essays are hard because of the word limit... ughh i need people to proof read them. that's mainly why i'm going to the workshop
    Hey- did you attend the workshop?
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    I have a quick question for anyone who might know.

    I also applied to UIC Nursing Urbana Campus for the Fall 2013 semester and was trying to calculate my natural science GPA. Do I just take all the natural science courses taken the past three semesters, add up the total points, and divide by the total credits?

    Also, should I calculate this without pluses and minuses? They don't have those at UIC correct?

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    Hey did u hear back from uic?

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