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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

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    so there was yesterday's email from Julie Kim, and then an hour ago...she called me to offer me a spot in the FNP specialty!!!! Good luck to all those waiting and just know it is possible...even if i doubted it in earlier posts

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    Congrats Delousch!!! That is so exciting!! Thank you all for updating and good luck to everyone!!
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    Hello I am an undergraduate student at uic majoring in psychology and pre nursing. i plan to get my bachelor degree in psychology and apply for the GEP program midwifery/women's health. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice for this program. i am also looking for a mentor that is currently in the program or has graduated. This is my dream job and i would really appreciate the help. I am currently a cna so i am getting experience in the health field and i have volunteered in the NICU as a baby cuddler. I am a junior at uic now.

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