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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

  1. by   tulip19
    I haven't received anything in the mail either. Yes, please let me know if you all hear anything...and I will certainly do the same!
  2. by   ABosslet
    By the recent threads, I am pretty sure I already know the answer to my question...but has anyone heard back about the Acute Care waiting list? Or any waiting list in general
  3. by   fer1220
    Tulip and Sunshine, I finally received a letter to my house, but it was just the same form letter from the e-mail that we received with no additional information... I guess all we can do is keep waiting...

    Abosslet, I haven't heard anything from the PNP wait list yet, but I am not sure about the other specialties..
  4. by   tulip19
    Same here...same letter to my house about two days ago and no other word yet.
  5. by   Sunshine1147
    I also got the letter at home. I think you can find out where you are on the list if you call. My sister applied for a different program a year ago at UIC and was on the waiting list. They told her where she was on it.
  6. by   jheinig2
    Congratulations everyone! I would like to let you all know that there is a Facebook group entitled "UIC GEP 2011".
  7. by   UIC.Class2010
    Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who got in the program! Just wanted to let anyone who is on the wait list know that they accept people throughout the entire period leading up to the start of the program. I know people who were 5th on their wait list and ended up getting in mid-October. Hang in there!!
  8. by   Delousch
    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share with you the message I received from the school of nursing.

    "As soon as a spot opens, I will notify applicants. However, I'm not going to be proving any further information about the wait list."

    Julie S. Kim
    Admissions and Recruitment Counselor
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    College of Nursing

    At least this is some info! I hope all are well.
  9. by   Jeannie25
    Thanks for sharing your message Delousch! I guess all we can do is wait. I know someone who was on the waiting list last year and was accepted in late- August! Did you apply anywhere else? I only applied to UIC but plan to apply to DePaul, Rush and Marquette. Good luck and hang in there!
  10. by   tulip19
    Thanks for the info,...I've been meaning to call/email to ask that very question and have just not gotten around to it,...so thanks for sharing. Guess there's really no need! Anyhow, good luck to everyone waiting.
  11. by   Delousch
    so there was yesterday's email from Julie Kim, and then an hour ago...she called me to offer me a spot in the FNP specialty!!!! Good luck to all those waiting and just know it is possible...even if i doubted it in earlier posts
  12. by   fer1220
    Congrats Delousch!!! That is so exciting!! Thank you all for updating and good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   atompk2
    Hello I am an undergraduate student at uic majoring in psychology and pre nursing. i plan to get my bachelor degree in psychology and apply for the GEP program midwifery/women's health. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice for this program. i am also looking for a mentor that is currently in the program or has graduated. This is my dream job and i would really appreciate the help. I am currently a cna so i am getting experience in the health field and i have volunteered in the NICU as a baby cuddler. I am a junior at uic now.