U of Chicago or IL Masonic?

  1. anyone out there working at either hospital? i've heard rave reviews about the culture at masonic, as well as the awesome RN residency program, but the unit they offered me is not my first choice, while the unit i was offered at U of C is a unit i really like, but i've heard some stuff about possible staffing/other issues at U of C....masonic does pay more, and they do the tuition forgiveness thing, but of course U of C has that awesome 100% paid MSN....none of these minor things are deal breakers to me, i'm concerned primarily about the length/quality of the orientation, as well as the working conditions...

    any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    IL Masonic has that 6 month Versant Nurse residency, doesn't it?
    I've herad good things about that program.

    Maybe you can press Masonic and see if you can get another unit.
  4. by   Jolie
    Perhaps you could request a shadow day at each unit to assist in your decision making.

    These are both very important issues. You need to be well-treated and valued as an employee, and you also need to enjoy the patient population with which you will be working.
  5. by   sweetcaroline
    Hi there,
    I got offered a position at Illinois Masonic's OR and to participate in their RN Residency program, which for me starts July 10. The next one begins sometime in October I believe. I've been to Masonic 3x for clinicals and like how professional it is. It's close to my house, which is a bonus. The RN residency program is 18-22 weeks and I hear great things about it. I can't wait to start. I'm still waiting to get my ATT letter to test for NCLEX! Good luck choosing...
  6. by   nursemary9

    I work at Masonic.
    I worked at another Advocate Hospital for 32 yrs. when it closed. Advocate told all of us that there were positions available at other Hospitals. Many staff left Advocate to go out on there own. I stayed & accepted a position at Masonic.
    I dreaded this since I had only been in one place for so many years.
    However, once I got here, I found that not only was I accepted quickly, it was really a NICE place to work.
    The other staff was very professional, but they were also very welcoming.
    Everyone, from the Housekeeping staff to the Doctors will greet you in the morning.

    The new Nurse Residency program is something else!! AWESOME!!
    We have 2 new grads who participated in it and they have been very pleased.It really seemed like a a very good learning experience.

    I'm not sure what starting pay is, but I fel our pay scale is pretty good here. Of course, I have been a nurse for a LONG t ime!!
    I think our benefits are also quite good.

    If you want to PM me, feel free

    Mary Ann

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