Take NCLEX where I went to school or where I want to work?

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    I am entering into my final semester of nursing school, and I have to decide pretty quickly where I want to take the boards. I am from Chicago, and do plan on coming back here after graduation, but I go to nursing school in Louisiana. After doing research, it seems it could take IL anywhere from 2-6 weeks to process my endorsement from Louisiana. So here is my question:
    Is it better to take the boards in Louisiana then get endorsed in IL? OR take the boards the 1st time in IL?

    Also- Is it that difficult for new grads to finds jobs in Chicago? I keep flip flopping on whether or not I want to stay in LA to get my yr experience or take my chances and come home to find a job. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

    Thank you
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    I could be wrong, but I believe it doesn't matter where you take your boards, its a national test. All that matters is where you file for your state license. If you want a LA license, then file with LA, if you want an IL license then file with IL...but I believe you can take the test where ever you want. The test is not ran by the state, just the licensing part...they are two different entities.
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    Take the NCLEX whereever you please. Have the results sent to the state where you apply for your initial license. Get your license where you intend to live and work.