St Elizabeth's Belleville RN Residency Program 2013

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    Has anyone completed an interview for the St. Elizabeth's hospital in Belleville, IL for their RN residency that starts February 2013? I just had an interview today, and don't really know where I stand or how I did.
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    Moved to allnurses Illinois Nursing forum as state specific question.
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    I have an interview next Wednesday. Did you interview with both the recruiter and nurse manager? Or do they break them up into two separate interviews on different days? Good luck to you!
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    I'm sorry for the delayed response. How did your interview go? I had a telephone interview that comprised of several individuals, including a nurse manager.
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    I had on 29th Nov. Two days ago got phone call that I will be offered position. Good luck!
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    I didn't think the interview went very well. I was nervous and messed up on the questions at the end. Thankfully, despite that, I was offered a position.
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    Congratulation! What department you got? See you on 18th!!!
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    I will be in PCU. How about you?
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    Hi all, I'm interested in applying for the RN Residency program at St. E's. I will be graduating in December and wanted to know the timeline for submitting an application, and interview callbacks. When did you guys see that the application was available online?

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