springfield IL nursing schools

  1. 0 [font="fixedsys"] i have heard there is a lpn program in springfield il that you complete in nine months. has anyone heard of it and where do i get the info?
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    Hello, Yes there is uts capital area school of practical nursing its located on toronta road right off interstate 55. I went to this school and graduted in one year with having the summer off. hope this helps
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    Lincoln Land community college also offers a LPN program. They also offer a bridge for LPN to RN. Might be worth taking a look at also.
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    CASPN offers a 9 month program starting each august. 1 year if you start in January. (both full time only) You have to test to get in and its a first come first serve basis. LLCC also has a program (3 semesters, I think)that may work better if you plan to go part time. Currently LLCC has a waitlist for 2007. So depending on your situation, you might want to sign up soon.
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    Does anyone know how long the wait list is to get into LLCC's RN program?
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    A friend of mine just started her pre reqs there and will likely start her nursing program next fall from what her advisor told her.
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    I graduated from llcc's ADN program this may. I was accepted to the nursing program less than 3 months after I applied but I also had all my prereq. done. Most of my fellow classmates had about 6 months waiting. However the LPN bridge students that joined second year said they waited about a year.

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