Southern Illinois anyone?

  1. No, not Peoria, I'm talking Southern Illinois. Anyone from Effingham, Salem, Marion, Carbondale, Anna, or Cairo? Just wondering about any issues from our part of the state? I work in a small community hospital, yes, small, we have a med/surg floor, same day surgery, and even an ER. We all seem to work well together for the most part and get things done or at the very least ship'em out. Whats shakn' 618.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well, my hubby lives in the 618 area but I live in the 309 area. I know Alton Memorial always seems to be hiring. I work in the 309 and 815 areas.

  4. by   Noimanurse
    Well, for the most part I'm fine with where I work presently, but I am trying to find some part-time/prn type of work in different areas to allow different learning experiences. I keep thinking about going for my masters, but when I get close to pulling the trigger I get lazy and put it off, so I figure if I could at least get different experiences at a part-time job I could learn while getting paid.

    I was also trying to find other nurses in my area to share ideas with, thanks for the reply, I look forward to communicating more.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Nice to meet you.

    If you are even thinking of getting your MSN, you might want to think about joining ISAPN - IL Society of Advanced Practice Nurses. We are pretty active advocating for issues important to APNs in IL

    Might give you the impetus to get started - lol.
  6. by   Noimanurse
    Thank you for the information!
  7. by   Bob-rn
    Hello to everyone, I'm from 618: About 45 miles southeast of St. Louis. I work at St. Johns in St Louis. I am currently going to school for APN.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Welcome Bob - that's kinda of a haul to get to work, isn't it? Of course you don't get the snow that we 309'ers get - lol.
  9. by   Bob-rn
    Trip takes about an hour (depending on traffic). As I get older I am less tolerant of the snow, so I'm happy with what we get, and let you 309ers brave it out. St Johns has been good to me, hired me when the market was saturated with RN's and over the years has given me some opportunities for growth and advancement.
  10. by   traumaRUs
    My husband lives in 618 and I drove the usual 3 hour drive in 6 hours thru the snowstorm last Sunday with our 4 y/o grandson in the car. What a wild drive: I-55 was closed between Springfield and Lincoln, then I got on Rte 67 and dang, there was an accident.
  11. by   Bob-rn
    I went back and read earlier post, YOU LIVE IN 618 but WORK IN 309? Last nights trip home took almost 2.5 hours had to stop and scrap freezing rain off of the windshield a few times, plus the max speed of 25 mph wasn't any fun either. I see you are an APN...I'm about halfway through getting ready for the dreaded clinicals this summer. It seems that a lot of preceptors are burnt out and want a break. At first I thought it was me but there are a bunch of us struggling and same with a few from different schools.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    lol! I live in 309 and my husband lives in 618. We have a commuter marriage at the moment. I work in the 309 area code but work in a wide area - I travel about 300-500 miles/week for work.

    What type of APN are you doing? Don't do what I did: did an MSN in management and leadership, didn't like management, did an adult health CNS but needed to be able to see kids, so did a second post-MSN certificate as a peds CNS. I'll be paying my student loans till I'm dead!
  13. by   Noimanurse
    I have been trying to decide between CNS or NP route. Just wondering how you feel, what you've seen, etc., as far as your CNS route? Any certain advantages to the CNS over NP? Do you wish you would have done the NP, as well (other than more student loans)?

    To me, I seem more interested in the CNS route, yet my experience is limited, so I am unsure. To me the CNS route would be able to still be important at the bedside and be important in education to patient and staff. While the NP is certainly important in the clinic to patients and education of patients in the clinic, it just appears from my limited experience that the CNS may have a bigger role in more of a hospital setting? Am I wrong here? Does it just matter on the facility more than anything?
  14. by   Bob-rn
    I'm struggling between the adult and family NP. I'm not real comfortable with kids almost my entire backround has been with adults. I believe I'm more marketable with the FNP. SOme of the NP's I know have gone back and obtained there FNP.