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Southern Illinois anyone? - page 2

No, not Peoria, I'm talking Southern Illinois. Anyone from Effingham, Salem, Marion, Carbondale, Anna, or Cairo? Just wondering about any issues from our part of the state? I work in a small... Read More

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    To give my 2 cents worth to Malenurses. Why not become an Acute Care NP and work as a CNS. Sometimes when Hospitals down size its the education areas that are eliminated. Then you have a more diversified degree to fall back on.
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    Thanks Bob, that is certainly one thing I have thought about, whether it be downsizing or just a bit more job flexibility in a rural area or in the case of a re-location down the road.
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    In IL, the CNS and NP have the same practice act. Yes, I do wish I had done the FNP as it would give me more leeway and latitude in jobs. HOwever, I've made my choices, so that's it - lol.

    At least in my area, the CNS/NP roles are very blurred. I work in a large 15 MD, 5 mid-level practice. Of the 5 mid-levels, 2 are FNPs, 2 are PAs and then me, a CNS. We all do the same job.

    Even if you are not comfortable with kids, after school, you can choose a practice area where you don't see kids or see kids only once in awhile. So, you would have more options.

    I have a friend who is a GNP and couldn't find work, so teaches at the GNP program where she graduated.
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    Well, I figured I would go ahead and ask the age old question that seems to often dominate, but I want to pose it to those nurses in southern Illinois. I work at a small critical access hospital in the med-surg unit as a floor nurse (RN). I work at least 3-12 hour shifts a week as a full-time employee. I have 1 1/2 years experience as a nurse, all of it at this hospital, I have a good work record. My nursing degree is a ADN and I have a BA in biology. My pay is just under $19/hour base pay. Does the pay sound fair?