South Suburban College Nursing Program 2011

  1. I recently applied for the Spring 2011 Nursing Program at South Suburban College and was Accepted! I am Extremely excited but at the same time nervous. Don't know what to expect!
    Any feedback will be appreciated!
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  3. by   Kuffy
    Expect long nights of studying, reading, studying and reading some more!
    I have probably seen you there! I am in the second semester now, so far how is it going? Who are your teachers? have you started clinicals yet?
  4. by   piggyo4
    I am getting ready to apply for the following spring semester. Do you know if I have to take a pre-admissions test? If so, is it a test made up by the college or does it have a specific name?
  5. by   Kuffy
    when you get accepted, all the information you need will be in there, you have have a back ground check you have to pay for, its like 70 bucks and you have to pay for the entrance exam, like 35 I think.. its the Hesi a2 exam I took, there is a book for it, helped me in the math department, good luck I just made it to 3rd semester and just took the midcurriculum exam.. and Passed!
  6. by   Mamahere
    What were the costs of your first semester for everything except the classes?
  7. by   Kuffy
    well its 100 per credit hour and for all the books it was around 800 dollars, but you use these books over, there are books you have to buy each semester some are used more then one semester some are not, but all are good reference, then if you get financial aid, you can get a voucher to help pay for the uniform for clinicals, that was about a 50 dollar voucher if the funds are available, then I think I paid about 90 bucks for the rest of the uniform with supplies.
  8. by   JJBRN
    What to expect huh - LOL!!!! As a Spring 2011 graduate of SSC ADN program be ready for 2 years of a living, sleeping and breathing nothing but NURSING - school breaks included. Nothing or nobody could prepare you for the amount of work you are in for - seriously. If you plan to successfully complete the program, my best advice is to prepare your friends and family for you absense in life for the next 2 years. They say it's worth it in the end. I can't quite attest to this as I am fact as I am currently studying for boards.

    Good luck - you will need it!!!
  9. by   Kuffy
    Congratulations JJBRN

    Im entering in my second year and I totally agree, say good bye to your family and friends, TV and Phone, and any internet programs you may like. I am still going over last semesters readings and next semesters readings to get a jump on it,

    Here is a big word of advice, do the best you on your tests... its very overwhelming when you have to get a high score on your finals to pass the class, I even cried when I was handed my final because I was so stressed, I got a 92 but still the stress almost made me want to quit...

    Good luck
  10. by   nurse1day88
    hi, just about a year ago i figured out that i want to be a nurse!, im not the first to say that im into the school scene but theres something about helping others to better health that excites me. im planning on going to a college near my house thats called south suburban college to take up their lpn program!
    can anyone tell me what pre req are ABSOLUTELY NEEDED to get into the program and maybe even some great teachers or tips!!
  11. by   Kuffy

    Are you sure you want to go for the LPN Program? yes you get working after only one year of school but... my friend who is an LPN is doing the bridging program it is taking her longer then it is taking me to become an RN. Also, it will be hard for you to get into hospitals to work, I keep hearing it will be hard for Assoc. RNs and that they want BSNs instead... I understand that some just wanna get out there and work right away.

    as for the prereq's this is the link to their catalog, it will tell you what you need. also call now and get an appointment with a Nursing counselor they will tell you everything you need to get started and help you work up a plan of action..

    Good Luck!
  12. by   nurse1day88
    i havent been in school since 07 and i wasonly in school for 2 years, im just not sure i can do 4years of straight school!!...i really want to be a rn one day, and i trully love nursing others to good health!!!...i was thinking i could go threw ssc lpn program or any other good lpn program then do a year of school online at pheonix university!....making it shorter than 4years...idk, it was just a thought....i dont know where to start or how to get there!!!
  13. by   Kuffy
    I got an associate degree back in 2000 and my humanities and speach and math class transfered over, I had to take chemistry, because I didnt have one in highschool and I had to take 211 psych because I only had one from my previous college. then I had to take bio 185. because I already had one biology prior. Like I said get all your transcripts in to the school of all classes you took and see what you need.

    I just have a friend who is taking for ever to bridge over, yes she is already working, but it seems like such a pain trying to bridge. I am happy im doing the adn program, and I will be taking my nclex this time next year. then its off for my bsn then my Masters.. looks like school never ends
  14. by   tsaffold
    Hello All,

    I just love Kuffy btw, you're soooo informative. Any who, I was just accepted into the Nursing program for the fall of 2011 and guess what else............ I just found out I am preggo. I know I can do this, I've been waiting on this blessing to become a nurse for a few years now and nothing will slow me down i tell you nothing. I know it's hard work and with God on my side I can go wrong. I do know it's challenging and I can't turn back the hands of time. I'll just have to do this right baby in all. I have support, on the other hand I am sooo excited and ready to kiss my social life goodbye for a while. Thx for listening everyone feel free to respond :-)

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