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I recently applied for the Spring 2011 Nursing Program at South Suburban College and was Accepted! I am Extremely excited but at the same time nervous. Don't know what to expect! Any feedback will... Read More

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    Second semester was a kicker... congrats for you on passing first semester.... I remember sitting in 112.. the final in front of me.. and just crying.. I needed a 86 to pass the class.. all down to one test to decide my fate.. I pasted with a 92 but still the stress is outragous. 3rd semster is no different, with the exception of ob.. Im stoked for OB.. Ped's Ill be crying the entire 4 weeks.. 8 days of hell. me children and illnesses dont mix and I have a half dozen kids!...

    but good luck, you sound like you are very very well adjusted to life at SSC.. good luck Latinadream
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    Quote from Kuffy
    so.. is nursing school everything we said it would be??? HOw are you holding up? I know you are not in clinicals yet, but you will be soon... dont forget to study study study!
    Hey Kuffy,

    Oooh Weee you ain't never lied. 1st semester was a catastrophe, I had the worst 105 theory instructor she was not good and only taught for that one semester we had to teach ourselves. With faith and prayer I made it to the second semester. GOD is GOOD. For 103 I had intials R.H, she was awesome teaching that class. I am now taking Med surg initials (B.P) I love her. Patho with same teacher I had for 103 and Pharm I'm taking it online with (K.V) and she's the worst. She responds to our blogs when she wants to. So far I am doing well, keeping the faith, no life for another year yet at times I do give myself some me time. Good Luck to you, pretty sure you'll be graduating soon :-)
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    Hello, I just wanted to know what the science portion is like for the evolve a2 exam? because I'm schedule to take it april 2 at south suburban. If anyone has any tips or information they could give that would be very much appriciated. Thanks
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    HI Kuffy,

    Well I made it to 3rd semester come this fall (GOD IS GOOD). I'm excited but yet nervous I have patho for 16 weeks and Med surg for the 1st 8 wks. Pharm 2nd semester end up working out S/O to (KV) she was awesome after all. Congrats to you i'm pretty sure you have graduated already. Any pointers as to what I should expect for 3rd semester?