Single Moms and Nursing Schools

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    I have been on this board a few times before inquiring about nursing as a career. I was going to Kaplan University Online for medical assisting and that was by far the biggest mistake of my life. I wasted so much time and energy on that program but I am done beating myself up about it. I am attempting to start at College of DuPage this summer and I have been back and forth about actually pursuing nursing as a career. I am a single mother of a 1 1/2 year old. My job is really flexible but the pay sucks so I stick it out because my boss is great, I can take my son with me, and again its really flexible. Another thing my mom watches my son a lot while I am working sometimes and just need some advice about nursing school. Is it as demanding as everyone says? How are the classes and clinicals usually scheduled? Is there anyone out there currently in the nursing program at COD?? Should I go straight for my RN or attempt the LPN then do the bridge program?? I am also dealing with the fact I may have to start from the beginning which doesn't depress me too much because I am only going to be 21 this year. However, I do have a crap load of student loans already from attending two different schools. Even if people know of other careers that are good for single mothers I will be open to those too! I just need some advice about everything really I don't want to struggle forever, but I don't want to miss out on my son's life either. Thanks for reading!
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    I am a mother of four I have went back and fourth on my decision to become a nurse. I have always wanted to become a nurse. It has just always been hard because of my children. Well I finally started my prerequisites at JJC. I look at it like it might be a struggle to juggle kids and school but when I am all done I will be able to give my kids the life they deserve.
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    Hi mommy2isaiah1408. I am single mom who is working full time and I am headed into my 3rd semester of nursing school at JJC. I think it's definitely as difficult as everyone says it is, but life is tough sometimes. When I decided to go to nursing school, I knew I wanted to go the communtiy college route. Mainly for two things that you mentioned: I didn't want a lot of student loan debt and I didn't want to miss too much of my son's life. My son was almost 2 when I started and he will only be 3 1/2 when I am done. You may miss some cute things here and there, but it's not the same stuff you would be missing later in his life. I decided I would rather make it to all of his school functions, recitals, sporting events, etc. From the beginning, I committed to spending as much time as possible with him on the weekends. I try to do something special like going to the playground,the zoo, or taking a class at the park district (nothing huge) with him each weekend. I was fortunate not to have to go to school during the summer, so we have spent LOTS of mommy & me time since school has been out. As long as you have a good network of "help", you will be fine! I don't have family in town, but I have a couple of great babysitters and a few friends who will help me out in a pinch.

    As far as which route to go, you have to decide what you want. JJC's program is nice because you can get your LPN at the end of the 1st year and your RN at the end of the 2nd year. I have no idea what COD's program is like, but you should do what you can "afford" to do. Not only afford as in money but also time. Take a look at the available jobs...Are there many LPN jobs? Are there many RN jobs? Ask around about pay for each. Good luck to you!!! I hope everything works out!!
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    Hi i was just wondering what JJC stood for...
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    Joliet Junior College

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