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    Hi. I'm a college student who is looking at schools to transfer to in Chicago. Does anyone recommend any nursing schools in that area?

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    Univ of Chicago
    any community college like Triton
    The City of Chicago colleges ie Truman
    is to name a fewto get u started
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    Do you know if the City College of Chicago have good nursing programs? I'm clueless as far as school reputations in Chicago! Thank you!
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    I cannot comment on their nursing school through the CCC (chicago city colleges) but I can say that when I went there for pre-reqs it was horrible. I went to Harold Washington (no nursing program, but all pre-reqs) and they treat you like you are 9 years old. You have to wait hours in line to see someone just so you can register for the class that you know you need. WHY do I have to see an "advisor" for one class, and they make everything very complex when it really is not. It was a horrible eye opener for me after coming from an undergrad experience that was very easy and treated college students as adults.
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    Are you looking in the City or Burbs?
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    Preferably, city.
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    I heard the UIC has the best nursing program around chicago. i, however, go to harper college which is pretty much a big community college in the suburbs. i like it so far but i am only a freshman.
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    If you are a transfer, I would see which school will:
    A: accept you - many schools are very hard to get into and have waiting lists
    B: will transfer the majority if not all of your current credits

    Good luck!!
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    I have a few friends who are attending Prarie state. They absolutely love it. They say the teachers are strict but in a much needed way.

    City Colleges of Chicago is substandard. I know they are being sued by several, several students from their various city colleges. I have not heard one good thing about their programs. My aunt went there, she is still traumatize by what they have done to her and her classmates. I think they have a differnet agenda other than teaching nurses to become nurses. If any, I think Daley I heard was okay.

    If you can't go out in suburbs. Go to St. Xavier its a four year program and their faculties are all about teaching their students. Unlike the college mentioned above.

    Triton is a two year, I heard good things about them.

    Good Luck! Do some more research - thats very important.
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    Quote from Anders.C
    Preferably, city.
    I am in the burbs. I went to Harper and now NIU. I loved/love both. In the city I have heard good things about UIC and Rush.

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