RN's with experience in Drug rehab?

  1. 0 Hi, I was curious if anyone had any experience in drug rehabs? What is it like? How is the pay?
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    I've floated a little in a detox floor in a hospital. They get paid the same as other nurses in the hospital. And it's not too bad, but I could see how it gets discouraging after a while.
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    I worked for a couple years in a 28-day ETOH/drug rehab program at a VA hospital, but that was many years ago. We got paid roughly the same as the other RNs in other departments of the medical center. I really enjoyed working there. However, that was the VA and they are a v. good employer in general. I doubt one would have the same experience in the freestanding, private, for-profit ETOH/drug rehab programs that are out there.

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