Richard J. Daley College Class of 2013

  1. [font=book antiqua]hello everyone! i was accepted into daley college's rn program
    [font=book antiqua]:smiley_aa*wine:rckn:
    [font=book antiqua]if you were accepted too !!!!
    [font=book antiqua]congratulations!!!!
    [font=book antiqua]we should reeeeally form a group and support each other thoughout this journey

    [color=#483d8b]i will be leaving a practical nursing program to take my seat here, so trust me when i say that a support group is essential in nursing school. feel free to inbox me your email and/or fb info and i will happily do the same in return. ~jessica
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  3. by   Deevine
  4. by   benita72
    :di was just accepted into daley's program as well and[font=book antiqua][color=#483d8b]congratulations!
    to you a support group sounds great so i'm in.
  5. by   RescueNinja2013
    [color=#483d8b]i had created a facebook group titled:

    daley college rn class of 2013

    feel free to request to join! just type or copy & paste the title in your fb search box & it should be listed. if not, inbox me for my info to request me & i'll add you in that way. it's a closed group solely for students beginning fall 2011 (which is class of 2013).
    [color=#483d8b]i wish us all the very best!!!!
  6. by   sdln1426
    Congrats to all of us! I'm so happy and excited.
  7. by   benita72
    ok I will look for the page.
  8. by   RescueNinja2013
    7 members requested to join and added so far!
    come on! don't be shy!
    this group is only getting bigger
  9. by   vladak86
    Hello everyone! Congrats to all! I have also been accepted. Does anyone know where our clinical sites will be? Thanks for the info!
  10. by   dpostalfamily
    Hello All,

    My name is Delilah, I was accepted to Daley's nursing program this fall. I wanted to give my email address to you guys but I'm not great at inbox and private messages. Here it is, I'm so excited about starting in the fall, see you guys soon.
  11. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello dpostalfamily and congratulations! I have a facebook group named & for Daley College RN Class of 2013. Just copy & paste the title into the fb search box & request to join. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE SOON!

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