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Hello, I decided to start this thread as I am applying to Resurrection's night program for the fall. I was just wondering if anyone else was applying and what parts of the process have you completed? I just sent in my... Read More

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    I am studying for the Teas just off of the study guide. I did take a Teas preparation course, but I felt as if it was a waste of my time. I try to study at least 2-3 hours a day. I have to take it on January 26th.

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    I've already taken the TEAS and scored an 82%, which is not bad but its not great. I would buy the package on ATI with their study guide and the two practice tests. Math is tricky and you do end up spending more time on the problems than you think, so when practicing practice each problem in less than a minute.

    Oh, and I'm apply to ResU this fall too, super excited!
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    I checked the CCNE's website, ResU is accredited by the CCNE.
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    I have been accepted to the Fall 2013 evening/weekend program. Just try to get everything in early...... I'm super excited to get started.
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    Quote from tonitonytone
    I have been accepted to the Fall 2013 evening/weekend program. Just try to get everything in early...... I'm super excited to get started.
    Wow congratulations! I emailed the admissions counselor my transcripts the other day. So I'm just waiting!!!!! I'm ready to just send everything in within the next two weeks!!!!!!!
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    Hello everyone.. Congrats to those who was accepted into the program. I have a few question about Resurrection University. I have applied for fall 2013 and did the application fee. I applied for daytime classes but I still taking class like statics, micro, social science, computer information this semester, and still have to take another math and chemistry in the summer. Just wondering will the still accept me. I take my Teas V march 22 but at another program I applied for.
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    I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about ResU? I'm considering their BSN daytime program but don't know how it stacks up to other schools in the area (accreditation, NCLEX pass rates, job outlook for new grads) any input would be appreciated!
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    I currently attend Resurrection University and lets say I was so excited to first attend but now I regret the decision I have made to attend this school. It is an intense program and I have worked but my butt off to do well in this school. They say that you have support in this school from the faculty and staff but thats a ll a lie. The President doesn't know what is going on with her own faculty and staff and always makes us complete these surveys which doesn't matter becuse she doesn't even change anything. She just allows the Dean to dictate everything. There are so many staff defections also with everyone quitting. My advice to all is think clearly before you decide on this nursing school because it isn't cheap and it isn't easy.
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    Hi I just turned in my application last week and teas results. I turned in my personal statement and transcripts today. I am scared I won't get in because of my GPA which is a 2.8. I am taking classes right now which should raise it a bit more. My Teas score was a 74 and is my first attempt. I have to resubmit my teas and transcripts because even though it says upload that isn't what they wanted. I plan to get those in this week or next. I also have an appointment with Juan in May but by then maybe i'll will have heard something? I just hope that they really take into account my personal statement and my teas even though the GPA is pretty low. Like most students I slacked off early on and I am now paying for it and trying to correct it.
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    Does anyone know if Resurrection is still accepting people for Fall of 2013?

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