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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the process, so if you have any... Read More

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    I have been wondering about that too. The place that I work for pays for the tuition of those who are low income and in the RN program for a community college in the south suburbs and I know that 50% of the students that start that program are leave or fail after the first semester.
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    I'm worried about the course loads but I know I can do it anyways lol so guess I shouldn't be worried
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    Our E/W cohort started out at 16 and 4 failed out after Patho. But 3 are back in and will be graduating either in December or May. I think we were the last of the small E/W class. The next one after we started was about 50 people from what I hear.

    Patho is probably the hardest one, followed by Pharm, but that seemed a tad easier.

    For Patho and Pharm make sure you go to Bonnie Stesin's tutor sessions. They help alot.
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    Is that a tutor session through student services that all of us will know about? Or is Bonnie an e/w person?
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    Bonnie is the Math and Science support person on staff. She will schedule group sessions or one on one sessions during your Patho and Pharm classes.

    ResU Learning Community Directory & Bios | Resurrection University | Accredited Chicago Nursing School

    She will likely be introducing herself to your classes during the first week and you will possibly meet her at orientation.
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    hi! I just joined. I am getting mixed reveiws reagrding the school. is it super hard or doable? I think im just freaking out because i dont know exactly what to expect...any ideas?
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    Hi future nurses! I'm new on here. I was wondering has anyone tried to use older edition books for class?
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    Hi everyone! Does anyone know when we will be receiving our clinical placements?
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    Who can tell me which Professors are the good ones?
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    Hi everyone,

    I am enrolled for Pathophysiologic Mechanisms with Osowski and I would appreciate any good advise.
    I have been following your comments on Patho and I am really scared.
    I want to do well from the beginning and if I need to start reading from now on, I will do it.. any advise will be so helpful
    Thank you