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Hi!! I finished my Spring 2013 applications, and thought it would be beneficial to start a new thread :) Currently my GPA holds 3.5 cumulative, I think science wise 3.0. My TEAS exam came out... Read More

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    Quote from aiagal
    Does anyone know the typical weekly schedule at ResU for daytime and nightime program? I'm still undecided on which route to take since I have to work but I like days since that is only 16 months...?

    Also, how long is night time program for?

    I am currently in the daytime program and you get to choose your schedule however everybody's is pretty much the same. Your divided into two sections and you will have most of your classes with those that choose the same section as you. My schedule is Monday 9:30-3:30 (that's two classes with an hour break), Tuesday 9:30-3:30 (that's two classes with an hour break), Wednesday 9:30- 1:30 (that's two classes with an hour break), Thursday 7-1 (that's two labs no break in between), Friday (clinical 645-130). My friend has the same schedule except she has her lab days on Monday and Wednesday (making really long days 9:30- 6) and has Fridays off. I enjoy the program and feel that the staff cares about the students succeeding. They have resources available and professors are available outside of class. I do not know much about the evening program but they only admit once a year for it. The night program is twenty months long.

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    HI all,
    OK after working in medical field for 4 years I want more. Nursing seem to be the way to go. I have been looking for BSN programs for people with full time jobs and I came across their week evening programs, and was thrilled. I know this is a very expensive school. I'm almost done with all my prerequisites but I still have a lot of questions. Does anyone know if Resurrection is accredited? Also how is the quality of the programs? I'm not afraid of it being hard, but I want a good quality learning experience. Also anyone know how the evening/weekend programs is?
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    This is the link on the Res web site: Accredited Nursing Schools | Top Nursing Schools | Nursing Schools In Chicago

    I attend the day program but from what I know in general, for the evening program the classes usually start anywhere from 4-5:30pm a few days per week, and then clinicals are on weekends. You have a slightly lighter courseload than the day students, so it takes a semester longer, but the courses are identical in content to the day students. Maybe an evening student will see this and give you more.
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    That sounds great. Now do you know anything about their joint diploma with Concordia?
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    Not really. I assume that you would attend Concordia for your first two years of prerequisite/general coursework and then transfer to Res for the nursing portion to finish the BSN. Depending on your financial situation however, it may be more cost effective to do all the bachelor's coursework and prerequisites through a community college. But then you would be in the general candidate pool of applicants.
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    Hi guys! I was just wondering what books are you using for the term A and B? I got accepted to the Fall 2013 program so I guess we will have the same books as the Spring 2013 students..

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