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    We are in the process of negotiating new on-call pay where I work. At present we are only paid a total of $30.00 to be on-call from Friday through Sunday for Thereapuetic Plasma Exchange procedures. We also have to drive more than 100 miles to get to the patient.
    Any ideas? I am finding at least $2.00 per hour for the on-call pay plus time and a half for the call.

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    I work at a hospital that has a nurses' union. We get paid $3.00 per hour to be on call and time and half when called out with a minimum of three hours pay (at time and half). Usually when called out though we end up staying the full four hours (we take four hour calls)

    I just think if you have to drive 100 miles, you should get reimbursed travel expenses and time on the road.

    Good Luck!
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    my last or job we got paid 4.00 and had time and half when called in and we had 30minutes to be there
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    We used to have "on call" in my LTC facility. You were on call Monday 7:00 am to Monday 7:00 am. It rotated thorough the supervisors so you had about one week/month. If you could't find sometone to work, you had to go in, unless you were already schedules, then you were SOL. The pay was an extra days pay for the week. plus regular pay unless you were into OT, then you got double time.

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