Oakton Community College Fall 2011 program

  1. Spoke to an advisor who said that they usually don't go below the 89 percentile even with people getting high scores. Anyone above 90 should be fine and she said acceptance letters should go out by the end of March. I am waiting patiently and hope I am one of the 60 people who made it in.
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  3. by   omonhpy
    Only another week to wait for the acceptance letters. Im praying
  4. by   Chameleonchick
    I wish you luck I am sure you will make it. I miss that area, thats near my home town.
  5. by   omonhpy
    Thanks, I am a bit nervous but hopefully in a week I will be relieved and get that acceptance letter. I have been accepted to other programs but since I already have a bachelor's degree I don't want to spent $60,000 to get another one.
  6. by   omonhpy
    I just received my official acceptance into the fall program at Oakton. Contrary to what some have said, it was a tall white envelope which scared me because I thought it was suppose to be a larege brown one. Anyone I am so excited and the wait is finally over
  7. by   drgngnr2002
    Congrats! You may want to click this link to find out what you need....

  8. by   omonhpy
    Thank you so much the list of books will be helpful and I will start looking for them right away. I am taking pharmacology online at another school with anthropology and psych and then finishing anatomy in the summer so I don't have much time for reading but can get a little headstart. Do we get to pick our teachers for the first two classes or are they assigned?
  9. by   Chameleonchick
    Congrats to you! I knew you would make the list!
  10. by   omonhpy
    Thanks, I am nervous as I am completing some difficult classes but am excited to be starting since I just decided last year to try to get into a program and quite my job when I started the CNA program.
  11. by   drgngnr2002
    You need to attend an open house so that you can submit your choices of clinical sites. They'll have a draw and hopefully you get to pick your first choice. I have an advise though...try not to pick Lutheran. They had an incident there with a student at one time (not Oakton) and now as a policy, they're not letting students give meds, hang IV's or any injections. Your lecture instructor(s) will be assigned to you. No picking here.
  12. by   luvs637
    Congrats to everyone who got into Oakton! I've already started the program so please let me know if you have any questions!!

    Start saving now, books for the first semester were 757 dollars!! Plus you will need to buy scrubs and a stethoscope.
  13. by   drgngnr2002
    @ luvs637: how's 104 treating you? Good luck on IV skills validation on Monday.
  14. by   luvs637
    So far, 104 has been pretty easy ::fingers crossed:: and I hope it stays that way!!!!