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Spoke to an advisor who said that they usually don't go below the 89 percentile even with people getting high scores. Anyone above 90 should be fine and she said acceptance letters should go out by the end of March. I am... Read More

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    What is important to study for 103 lectures. They added 10 more questions for the quizzes. The reading for clinical and labs is a lot and the workout has me so stressed out. Someone in a different clinical said they were told that the workbook wasn't important and to concentrate on the reading. Praying to pass 103.

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    do you know what is on the hesi at the end of 104? Is there anything to study that will help? Thanks
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    Do you know what is on the hesi at the end of 104? Is there anything to study that will help? Thanks
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    Study for your finals. It's the same with hesi.
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    Thanks. Do you remember if there was more of one subject on the final?
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    Do you remember final from 104? What to concentrate studying. Is it much different from the unit tests?
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    I'm sorry but I don't remember if it was accumulated or just based on the last lecture. I'm pretty sure they will tell you. BTW, I took the management finals today and now it's finally OVER!!!!!! I already passed the HESI so I'm just waiting for the go signal to schedule for the NCLEX!
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    Hey Guys, I just got a letter saying that i completed all my prerequisites for this years fall program and my nln score is 95 so i am pretty sure ill be getting in. I just have a question about the orientation of your cna skills. I am really nervous about that because when I took the BNAT program at oakton, Donna dickson, one of the instructors, told us that one nursing student was not able to get in after being accepted because she did not kn ow how to make a bed that well. I am really nervous about that. Can anybody tell me what the orientation is like and how difficult it is. And if anybody has any tips. Thank you so much. It's been a year since I finished the BNAT program.
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    Hi, I just got in the fall 2012 program and i'd REALLY appreciate me if someone would answer my question. When we had our registration for instructors and clinical sites, I was SHOCKED that hey had already assigned it for us. Nobody got to pick and a lot of people got stuck with schedules they did not like. I luckily got my second choice which was in evanston hospital which is very near to my home. However I dont know any of my clinical instructors. Can anybody tell me what GODI, SALLY SITT, and BROSCIO are like. I have SITT for NUR104 clinicals, and GODI for NUR 103 clinical and lab. BROSCIO for NUR !)$ lab. I have GAS for nur 103 lecture. Thank you so much.
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    Mrs. Gas is going to be in charge of the nursing program and is great. Broscio is in charge of the lab and is also very good as well as Mrs. Sitt. i dont know anything about Godi but 103 is not the class to worry about. Good luck, it will seem over whelming at first but it does get better.


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