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NP doing Trigger Point Injections

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    I am wanting to employ a nurse practitioner at my Illinois facility to do trigger point injections.

    What are the regulations, training guidelines, etc. for a nurse practitioner to be eligible to do these types of procedures. There will be a MD supervising this individual, but I am unsure what is required as far as the specific training, credentialing and experience for this to be acceptable by the state.


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    You might try the NP forum.
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    The NP board told me to post on the Illinois and this Illinois board told me to post on the NP board.
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    Sorry for the miscommunication. We are talking about the IL BON. IL Professional and Financial Board of Regulation.
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    There are no regulatory specifics on this in regards to the Illinois State Website.

    Has anyone had any personal experiences regarding trigger point injections as a Nurse Practitioner in the State of Illinois?
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    You still need to get a reading from the IDPFR - us telling you whether or not its okay won't cut it.

    They have been very responsive to me via phone (returning my call in just a few days) when I've had a scope of practice question.

    I know that you don't want to try to hire someone that can't do what you need done.
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    I am a NP in NYS. Although I can not specifically say anything for Il, in NYS we are "allowed" to do anything a physician can do except 'open' in the OR. Now with that said, I would contact your lawyer for the practice and have them research it. They should then send a letter with specific quoted law and whether or not it is in a NPs scope of practice to do TPIs. They will do the calling of appropriate organizations and governing bodies for a price. I hope this helps, feel free to email me at and we can chat further. Brandon