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Hello! I have been a nurse for a year now and am looking to score a position a Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I have had the phone interview with HR, the personal interview with the managers on the unit I applied for, and have... Read More

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    Thank you for clarifying this topic. I didn't get the position in the HF/pulmonary unit, but to be honest I was relieved because I felt extremely uncomfortable with the training process. It's kind of shocking that they would be applying the same training process to an ICU setting for new grads. I'm glad you made the decision that was best for you

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    I got the job on the heart failure/pulmonary unit in January. The interview process was super long.. It was even longer than the orientation! There seem to be a good amount of new grads, not too many on my floor but lots on other floors. If anyone applies to NMH, beware that the orientation is quite short and stressful, but once you get acclimated, it's a great place to work. All the nurses are super helpful. Team work is a major theme on my floor. Love that this is the unit, I ended up on.
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    I just had an interview on a unit at northwestern. I am a new grad that has about 11 years of military medical experience. The interview over the phone with HR and with the nurse managers felt as though it went amazingly well. They did not ask me to come and shadow though. Is it typical of Northwestern to ask a new grad to shadow before hire? Did I miss something? I am fairly pregnant right now, which always dampers any situation, I did disclose this information in the interview as I am very obviously pregnant, but hoped it would not affect my opportunity for employment. I'm guessing that it may have (or I am just being overly concerned). Any guidance from those who have interviewed and been hired would be greatly appreciated! I really want this position as it is my dream job. Thank-you!
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    If you read back and on I think another thread, Northwestern has all but cut its orientation for new grads, although it is hiring new grads. This is confusing to me, I don't understand why they would trash themselves in this way. But RNs from NW have confirmed. They are wanting to increase profit and sacrifice nurses and patient care it seems. So it seems after a few short shifts you'll be on your own.

    I'd think they would pass on you, unless delivery is expected so soon that you'd be done prior to your first day on the job. If you can turn it around that fast. Some can. I had someone in my nursing college class get the deed done a week before clinicals started up again - there she was limping across the hospital parking lot... never complained.
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    Ya this was my fear. I wish they could have called for the interview towards the end of April. Then I'd be all set. Oh well. I am excited about my new little one and if they are too blind to see that I am a hardworking, ambitious mother then thats their issue. Not sure I want to work for a place that can't see past something that isn't even permanent.
    Still haven't heard anything, and I am not surprised. I think I will call at the end of the week and check in. Thanks for the reply!
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    It took them almost three weeks to get back to me in response to the status of my application and I went through the whole shebang (refer to previous posts). But to be fair, I only followed up with a thank you letter after shadowing to be polite but I knew in my heart that the job wasn't for me and I would decline if extended an offer. They made it easy for me and sent an e-mail saying they went with someone with more experience. Although I was devastated because I still was with out a full time job I knew it was not meant to be. Just remember that "all that glitters is not gold." You're right, if they cannot see your drive and ambition and look at your pregnancy as a barrier then they may not be a right fit for you! It took me seven months to find my dream job in Chicago as a new grad, and I'm extremely lucky because I know new grads who have been out of school for over a year in Chicago and are still searching. Best of luck to you, and hope you land your dream job wherever it may be!
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    cita, it's not prejudice - it's that you will be unavailable in the near future. Nobody is going to wait for a new grad for any reason. You simply have nothing to offer them that they cannot get +1000 at a moment's notice, without strings attached.
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    Well it is a little prejudice. I have over ten years of medical experience within the Army and am not a brand new first time graduate out of school, this is my second Bachelor's degree. I honestly feel that if you are qualified for a position then you should not be denied it, based on pregnancy. I was honest even before interviewing that I was pregnant and that if that was going to be an issue, I would rather wait to interview for any positions until after the birth of my child.
    I'm not going to sweat it though. I know that if you want something bad enough you will achieve it and eventually, I will be where I want to be. I appreciate the comments, from the sounds of it Northwestern is looking for fresh blood, which also may be another issue they had with me, who knows! Still waiting.
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    Nursing doesn't care what you used to do before you got your RN license. You pretty much go back to "0". Lots have other degrees, and also healthcare experience if you read posts here on AN. The other healthcare experience might help you get an interview, or even block you.

    I think you are right about "fresh blood". When I was just out of school, those that had years of tech experience were passed over often for RN jobs in favor of those without any healthcare experience, but who had family or VIP connections that made then a forced hire. Some of these forced hires were very poor students as I recall. Could be they knew they had a job... didn't care to study. That's hard news when the market is tight and there are few places considering NGs. That waiting list filled with those who have family connections is loooooonnnnnng.
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    I can attest to that...nursing is my second bachelor's as well, and I have previous healthcare experience from my undergrad. I even picked up a part-time home health job while looking for a job in the acute-care setting so it would look good on my resume. No one I interviewed with cared about my other degree/previous healthcare experience or my home health job. As netglow said you go back to "0". Stay positive and keep looking even while waiting for NWM to get back to you.

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