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Hi All, I am currently in school in Ohio and will be graduating early to mid August, my husband has been accepted to school in Chicago and we will be relocating soon after I graduate. How are the jobs looking for new graduates?... Read More

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    Your situation sounds exactly like mine. I graduated from nursing school in December 2010 and moved to Chicago in January because my husband is up here for law school. Like a good nursing student I started looking for a job last September and had a really tough time. I have my BSN, I worked as a tech at Children's Medical Center of Dallas while in school, and I speak Spanish and none of this seemed to matter. I applied to close to 100 jobs in Chicago and all nearby subburbs and only received 2 interviews in a 9 month period. I finally received a phone call yesterday from a hospital with a part-time job offer and of course accepted. But, considering I graduated in December and have been looking since last September, I'd say the market up here is pretty terrible unless you have a lot of connections (I had none) or experience. I know how you feel having the pressure to provide while having a husband in school. Best of Luck! Use any and all connections you have because I found simply applying to hospitals online to be a dead end with volume so high right now. You can message me if you have any questions or anything! Something will come eventually!
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    Quote from Lizzyb3185
    Hi All,
    I am currently in school in Ohio and will be graduating early to mid August, my husband has been accepted to school in Chicago and we will be relocating soon after I graduate. How are the jobs looking for new graduates? Where should I look and what should I expect? I am interested in pediatrics and L&D but will obviously apply to anything if they are accepting new grads. Please help! I will be the only income and we dont have much time between my grad date and his start date.
    Thank you in advance for any and all advice/help.
    Have you checked out Swedish Covenant?
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    Thank you so so much for posting this! That was so nice of ou and I'm definitely going to apply!!!! I appreciate you're looking for me
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    No problem! Ran across it in my own search for a new grad position. L&D isn't really my arena, but if you see any new grad adult general med positions....let me know!
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    question, did you apply directly to illinois for your licensure or did you transfer licensure from ohio to illinois?
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    No unfortunately I am in the process of transferring my Ohio license to Illinois, I took the NCLEX on sept. 1 and had my Ohio licnese number by the 2nd. I mailed my paperwork for licensure by endorsement to the Illinois board of nursing on the 5th. I received an email late last week that they just got to my paperwork and that I should hear back soon. Im sorry to say that the Illinois board of nursing is a little slow. Hopefully I will get my IL licnese number this week and be able to apply to positions here and be taken seriously. If you have any further questions that I failed to answer in this response feel free to message me! I know it is an overwhelming process.
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    I did not get any nibbles until I had my IL license (I had to create another profile once I got my license). I had my IN lincense but the IL process takes a long time. I spent many afternoons on hold trying to get someone to get questions answered. Once I stopped obsessing about it, it popped up in the mail, lol.

    There are a lot of jobs out there, but, as you know, Chicago has a large population which provides lots of applicants. Hospitals are big on experience and certifications now and those are hard to get without a job. I have 7 yrs of critical care experience and I would like part-time work but most units only want to hire full time because they don't think they will get a return on their investment with me working part time. It all boils down to $$$, the more experience you have the less they have to put into orienting you.

    Hopefully this economy will start to improve soon. Good luck!!

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