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Need license renewal help - page 3

I have a current Illinois active RN license. It runs out in May of this year. I have not worked in 9 years but have kept my license active. What do I need to do. I now see there are CEd's required. I... Read More

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    Hello everyone! I passed my US licensure exam last August 2012, I am still here in the Philippines and will not be able to renew my license next year because they require SSN upon renewal.

    I think I will not be in the US in 5years time due to retgrogression. I am concerned because the lady from IDFPR told me that if I am not physically practicing my nurse license in the US for more than 5 years even though I am an active registered nurse in the Philippines, I have to re-take my licensure exam! Can somebody please clarify this to me? What do I have to do in order for me not to retake my NCLEX exam? Thank you!
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