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Hello all! I would like to move to Chicago when I graduate becuase the job market for new grads in Nevada is terrible! :crying2: My question is, do i get my license in nevada and then apply for reciprocity in illinois? or... Read More

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    I graduated in May, 2010 and have been applying since March, 2010. I have yet to get so much as an interview for a hospital job. I graduated with a good gpa but I have never worked in a hospital. My program was quick (only 13 months) and they told us not to work. Big mistake... Some of my peers got jobs right away, but that's because they managed to get hired onto the unit where they did their senior preceptorship. Others had to relocate to a different state in order to find a job. A couple managed to get jobs in the area because they happened to know someone high up. Chicago hospitals want new grads to have experience working in a hospital as a CNA/PCT, preferably their hospital so they take on as little risk as possible. Ironically, I could have sworn I read some where that NV was a good place to relocate to for nursing jobs. I honestly don't believe there is any "good place" to be a new grad RN right now. Don't let this stop you from applying though. I just wouldn't advocate moving here without getting an offer first. Good luck fellow new grad! And when you do find a job, don't forget to let us all know how you did it...

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