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I'm just curious if anyone on here attends, has attended, or knows someone who is/has attended Morton College in Cicero? I was wondering how their program was..there don't seem to be many people... Read More

  1. by   SMOKEY2112
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    Hey Kerry & Smokey,

    Have you heard any reviews about morton college nursing program? Or do you know of anyone thats currently in the program or have graduated? I applied @ morton college and just waiting for the letters to go out. I heard the program is really good there however the rate of graduation is really low. i wonder why?
    Do a search on here hon.. there was a thread I started asking about the program and someone did answer and I believe she either was in her 2nd year or graduated and she seemed to like the program from what I remember. Yah, I do see that the rate of the graduation was really low. I've wondered the same thing.
  2. by   kerry27
    hmm i havent really heard too much, i know a friend that liked the program, but i had no idea their graduation rate is low. thats def something to look into. Yea i applied there also. letters dont go out till june
  3. by   manstat
    Anyone who tells you to sue the school for not taking you because you are out of district is not providing you good advice. Taking students in district before out of district is the design of the community college district system. The program was designed so everyone has an equal opportunity at THEIR IN DISTRICT college. If you choose to go outside your district, that is completely up to you.

    Anyway, it seems like most community college programs are good. I am finishing up my pre-reqs at Triton before I move on to another school. I was recently accepted to their program, which has a great reputation as a tough, thorough program. I've heard the same about COD, MVCC, Harper, Oakton, etc. I guess you can't go wrong with any of these ADN programs...unless you really want a BSN or MSN.
  4. by   SleeepyRN
    I am in my second year at Morton College. It is hit or miss with applying out of district. Morton accepts 80 students per year. Last year there were about 300+ applicants (most in district.) I don't recall if it was last year or the year before, but recently they did accept an out of district student. As far as the pass rate, there are roughly 72 students still in the program with only 1 semester to go. We have an excellent NCLEX pass rate. One thing to consider however, is that Morton requires students to pass the HESI after their first year with only 2 attempts. Even if you pass all your classess with A's, if you do not pass the HESI, you have to start the program over. There is controversy over the HESI, which I will not get into. Other schools allow 6+ attempts to pass, while others use the HESI as just a tool to see where your strengths and weaknessess are. NY has banned the HESI altogether. Like I said though, I'm in my second year and we have about 72 students. That is awesome. We are not yet accredited by the NLNAC (we have applied for it this year) We ARE accredited by the state. So do research on what it means to be accredited by NLNAC and if you would be ok with attending a school that is not. The major thing is really that hospitals with Magnet status want to hire students who graduated from a program with this accreditation. However, most magnet hospitals require BSN. So you can attend the program and continue to RN to BSN and be fine.
  5. by   SleeepyRN
    As far as attempting to sue for not being accepted due to being out of district, as said above, that will not happen. While I disagree with the way they do this, it is what it is. For example, an in district student might have all C's in their pre-req's while an out of district student might have all A's. The in district student will get first dibs. That's messed up to me, but you can't sue the school. If we want this to change, we would have to rally and take it to a higher level. Have to say that that was just an example. We really don't have C students enter the program. And anyone who did have C's in A&P would most likely fail or drop out IF THEY DON'T STUDY HARD TO MAKE UP FOR THEIR NOT SO FLATTERING PRE-REQ GRADES. So please don't take that to mean if you have C's in A&P you won't make it in nursing school. It will just probably be more challenging. 3/4 of nursing school is about med-surg and believe me, you learn your A&P : ) Its drilled into our heads.
  6. by   dhudley
    Does this school offer evening/weekend classes for the nursing program? I have completed all my prerequisites but can't find a a program close to chicago that fits my work s schedule.