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Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, so I hope I do this correctly.... Has anyone else applied to Lurie Children's New Graduate Program beginning in March? I know that the new graduate positions came down only last week,... Read More

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    The group interview for the SNA program (is that what you're talking about?) is nothing. They go over salary and hourly requirements and that's it

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    The SNA program, yes. I thought it would be more than that since it said the group interview is with nursing recruitment and the nursing unit. Do they do more of an orientation type thing first and then do individual interviews?

    I am nervous because I really want to get a position. I applied to Northwestern's externship and got through the third interview, but unfortunately did not get picked =/
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    Sorry for the delay!

    I suppose there's a chance they changed it but last year we had the group 'interview' which was more of an orientation process. They then called is and set up interviews with the individual units.
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    Hey! I also recently applied. The application window was suppose to go until April 13 but it's closed now because of the big pool of applicants. Super competitive so I'm crossing my fingers! Can you tell me about your experience there as an SNA and what floor you work on?
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    I work in the CCU and I LOVE it. Where did you apply?
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    I applied to the PICU and gen med/pulm

    How long did it take for them to contact you? I'm worried my application won't stand out :/
    What experience did you have prior to working there?
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    I didn't have any prior experience, but I had connections. It all took quite awhile, I don't remember exactly how long.
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    When you say connections do you mean employee referral?
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    I worked there many years and also at many of the hospitals in Chicagoland area. The pay and benefits are competitive and they treated me better then any Union Hospital in Chicago.

    It is a good place to work if you can get in.
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    What floor did you work on Kidrn911?

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