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Hello- Anyone else applied to Loyola's ABSN program for Spring 2013? Has anyone been accepted yet? Any current or former students that can shed some light on what is needed to get accepted (GPA, etc.)? I already was... Read More

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    My application was complete in July...I hope that doesn't mean bad news

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    Did any of you that were accepted receive a letter at all?
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    Ya I did but we are supposed to receive a packet with more information hopefully soon
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    I just found out I was accepted! I called the admission office and they told me. Nothing ever showed up on my online thing.
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    I was also accepted! Now to figure out daycare. Anyone else have kids? I have a 10monh old.
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    Congrats! I have a 16 month old. I am fortunate enough that my mother-in-law lives with me, but she will be going out of the country in March for 3 months. I've been looking around for daycare for my daughter, plus I want her to get used to being with other kids (and give my mother-in-law a break a few days a week).
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    Look up the IDHS child care assistance program. Even if you don't qualify for the program, they have a search page and you can locate childcare in your area.
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    Congrats to both of you! So glad everyone got good news. I have a three and a half year old son. So glad there will be some other mothers in the program.
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    Hey I was accepted to the Spring 2013 ABSN! I'm coming from California, sans car. i'm thinking to live in Oak Park/Forest Park or somewhere near there. Is it totally unrealistic to rely on public transport or biking to get to the Loyola Maywood campus? Anyone know?
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    If I were you, I would get a car. The transportation in that area isn't as convenient as it is in the downtown area of Chicago. Also, I believe our clinicals will be scheduled all over the city and we are responsible for getting there. You will definitely need a car for that, unless you can carpool with a classmate who lives near by and has the same clinical schedule.

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