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Hello- Anyone else applied to Loyola's ABSN program for Spring 2013? Has anyone been accepted yet? Any current or former students that can shed some light on what is needed to get accepted (GPA, etc.)? I already was... Read More

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    Thanks! I'll make sure I keep checking. I've talked to them every few weeks and they do all seem very nice. I have to relocate from out of state, so the sooner I know the better.

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    I def understand. I will be moving from Carmel, In. And I also need to start looking at finances so I understand. I will be praying for all of you, I would love to have diligent and friendly classmates like you guys on this post.
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    I will be moving from Las Vegas, NV. Luckily I already have an apartment, but I still need to make arrangements for childcare.
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    I was just accepted! Can't wait! I just paid my deposit too, so I hope there are still spots open!
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    Llking, congrats! did you find out via letter or online?
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    I found out online
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    When did you apply?
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    I turned in my application at the end of may, but my application wasn't complete till oct. 10 because my transcripts kept getting lost
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    Did it come up just under where it says application complete? I should hear soon since I turned mine in in Early May and it was complete at te end of August.
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    Ya there was an new thing that popped up underneath that said there is an update in your application status..and I clicked the link to follow it...good luck! Hopefully you'll hear soon!

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