Loyola ABSN Spring 2013 - page 3

Hello- Anyone else applied to Loyola's ABSN program for Spring 2013? Has anyone been accepted yet? Any current or former students that can shed some light on what is needed to get accepted... Read More

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    When did you apply?
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    I turned in my application at the end of may, but my application wasn't complete till oct. 10 because my transcripts kept getting lost
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    Did it come up just under where it says application complete? I should hear soon since I turned mine in in Early May and it was complete at te end of August.
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    Ya there was an new thing that popped up underneath that said there is an update in your application status..and I clicked the link to follow it...good luck! Hopefully you'll hear soon!
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    I'm getting nervous that I didn't submit mine early enough. It was submitted in July, complete the first week of September. For those that were already accepted, what was your gpa?
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    Congrats, Do you have your housing sorted out? I am searching high and low for apartments!
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    I know that they consider your academic education, as in classes you have taken, they look at both your undergraduated bachelors GPA as well as your prereq GPA, according to the website "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Have you tried calling again for an update?
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    My overall gpa is 3.6, and my prerequisite one is close to that. I talked to them last week and they said I should hopefully hear something this week. I'm just getting anxious.
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    I also applied to Loyola but haven't heard from them yet. I'm still waiting. I checked my application and it said that my application is completed and they are looking forward to reviewing it. I was wondering if anyone else have heard from the school or have any information on the applications? I tried emailing the advisor what was assigned to me but I haven't heard from her yet. In fact, I emailed her twice and haven't gotten any respond from her. If you guys have any information please let me know. And congrats to everyone that got their acceptance letter already!
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    I already live in th suburbs so I am commuting from there...I'm hoping it won't be too bad.. Good luck with apartment hunting! Has anyone heard anything about recieving th application packet...and signing up for classes etc?
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    I gave up on contacting my assigned admissions counselor, she never responded. I just contacted the general admissions office. One person told me we would know by Thanksgiving (2 weeks from now) and the other was more generic and said we should hear something "shortly".
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    mmm1107 thanks for letting me know. Maybe we have the same admission counselor lol. I hope we hear from Loyola sooner than Thanksgiving. No news is good news I guess. Hopefully we both get accepted! I just hate the waiting process.
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    i was recently accepted into the absn spring program and wondered if anyone was looking for a roommate??? if u are interested feel free to email me at jenaweissenburger@yahoo.com

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