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hi everyone, just wanted to start a thread for those of us that have applied and are anxiously awaiting a decision. anyone else already apply? renee... Read More

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    Great job! Congrats!

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    Congrats Ricky!!!! Are you going to go? Or do you now have to make a decision?
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    Thanks I'm still waiting to hear from 2 other schools, so I still have some waiting to do...how about you?
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    I'll be going to Loyola. I have had some really terrible application experiences during the last couple of years (different program...long story), so I stopped all of my other apps-in-progress once I got accepted there, because my poor heart cannot take one more week of admissions torture! I have a sure thing now and it's nice to finally be able to make solid plans.
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    That's good! At least you're all set and ready!

    I'm still kind of disappointed they're moving to the Maywood campus. I rely on public transportation and would need to take 2 buses and a train to get there, including a pace bus, which I'm assuming will be a huge hassle since most run like every hour. Ugh! It would've been easier to get to the Lakeshore campus since it's in the city, but oh well.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about the move, too. It will be nice to be in a completely new facility, but the commute is going to be rough...I can't even imagine how it would be with public transportation! Are your other choices in the city, then?
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    Yeah, I'm pretty much just waiting to hear from DePaul, but I won't hear from them until the end of April so I am pretty nervous because I just got my letter from Loyola saying that the ABSN program operates on a first come, first serve basis, so my spot could be taken at any time and they want a reply and deposit by May 1st. =/
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    hi there- i do believe the deposit is refundable though. i felt the same way and figured with my luck i had better save the loyola spot just in case depaul says no. when i was paying though i think it said it was refundable (200.00) up until the first day of class.
    good luck : )

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    Really? Where did it say that?
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    sorry i just double checked..it says
    Remember, deposits are refundable only until May 1. If your plans change, you must notify Undergraduate Admissions by that date.

    sooooo i should say book it dan-o! we will know about depaul (hopefully) by then but at least you will have your spot saved...at least that is what i did : )
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