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    Does anyone know anything about Lewis University?....I wasnt considering it before but I went to Saint Xaviar and they take thier freshmans as priority for the nursing programs...their supposedly backed up untill spring 2011! :angryfire

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    I'm going to bump this because I am going to their open house this weekend...hopefully I can get a student's point of view too. thanks!
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    Are you going to Lewis or St Xavier? Let me know how it goes either way...
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    sillyjo...did you ever get to the open house?
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    I actually never went to the Open House. I am not considering Lewis anymore because it won't work out with my childcare (with traffic, its about 90 min drive for me). After taking a few more pre-reqs, I'm applying at ECC and Aurora University instead.
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    what school is ECC? Im also going to apply to Aurora University.
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    hello anyone out there who has applied to lewis university..i just wanted to get a feel of how competetive they are when it comes down to admission...i have applied for their spring semster 2010 i have a 3.2 gpa ( i know not that great) but yeah im a male aswell pleae let me know...my other school is univeristy of st.francis ..please let me know if you have any information about what their admission standard is like!
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    Hi godislove89! I'm also applying to Lewis' ABSN program and my GPA is 3.1 =( Hopefully that's good enough. Have you taken that KAT test yet? If you did how was it? I'm still studyting for it and I believe I have 60 days to take it and I only get one chance.... yikes!! Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks!
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    hi InA2010 - Did you give the test at Lewis University? If so, how did it go? I am also looking into this school, especially since it has the part-time/evening option. That would work out great for me, because I cannot quit work right now.
    Can you tell me how the admission process was at Lewis? Any information that you can share is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi all!

    The NET test isn't that bad, you can actually get a review book that is more like a refresher for the math basically. It goes over the math required or that will be tested on...I finished it with tons of time to spare...although I would recommend getting the review book, there was a lot of stuff that I couldn't remember how to do (7th grade math, all the fraction to decimals and back: just stuff you really don't use all that often).

    I think that it being in it's location makes it more of an ease to get in. For the BAC/BSN this is the first year they actually had a wait list, but come time to start they were short a few people. So the class wasn't full. I found it the easiest school to get accepted into...I also applied at Loyola and UIC but was accepted to Lewis first and dropped the others.

    Regular BSN takes 2 years, no classes during summer, the accelerated takes 18 months straight.
    Regular BSN your daytime week is pretty much shot, between classes and clinicals you have a full load mon-fri.
    BAC/BSN the accelerated program: you have classes 2-3 times a week in the evening, then clinicals on sat and/or sun...your classes are 8 weeks long instead of 16 weeks.

    any other questions I can help with?
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