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Hey all! Anyone apply to the nursing program at JJC for Fall 2012? I just took the TEAS test today....looking for a little help! I have an overall 3.9 GPA, a 3.6 GPA in the pre-reqs the program looks at....I have a previous... Read More

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    Anything new on any of your portals yet? Have your TEAS scored been posted yet to MyResources? Nothing new on my end.
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    as of april 2nd nothing yet.
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    Hey all! I got an email just a few minutes ago! I'm accepted into the evening program!
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    anybody got in the program yet? i heard they sent out emails today. Is so, what were your TEAS and gpa scores?
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    I got in to the evening program.

    TEAS: 92.7%
    TEAS Reading: 91%
    Pre-Req GPA: 4.0
    6 out of 7 Pre-Reqs completed (finishing HEAL 109 this semester).

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    I got my email. I was accepted into the evening nursing program. Now I really have to make a decision. I really wasnt expecting to get in, especially on my first attempt so I applied at USF and was accepted. (Guess that will be another trend) Now I need to decide cost vs schedule.
    My overall Teas was 75.3%
    Reading 88.1%
    Pre-req gpa 4.0
    overall gpa 3.76
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    I got in! To the day program! Soooooooop happy! Anyone else in days?
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    I got accepted into their day program! see some of you soon on April 19th!!!!
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    Quote from Matka
    I got a 92.7% adjusted on the TEAS, and I'm really pleased with that! I also have a 4.0 on the pre-reqs, and the only pre-req I'm missing in HEAL 109 (currently taking it).

    I think my biggest hold up will be whether or not JJC views me as being in district. I live out of district, but I work in district. So, according to everything I've researched, I should be considered in-district, but we'll see. I think I'm going to call tomorrow and confirm that my profile has me listed as being in-district.
    I am attending jjc right now, prerequisites, how did you study for the teas I am nervous about taking it

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