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    Hello Out There,

    I would like to know if there are any ITT Tech students from the Chicago area out there. I will be starting there program soon (December 5th) and would like to hear from any of ITTs current nursing students. I know the program began in September of 2010. I was supposed to start a year ago (December 2010) but had my reservations about starting a brand new program. That has all changed. After applying to Wright College's bridge program for LPNs only and not being selected (they had 40 seats and 200 candidates that sucks), I decided to call ITT Tech back and go ahead with their program. I did really well on the HESI and was told that I didn't have to worry about getting in. So can anyone out there tell me what is it like at the Orland Park Campus. I am dying to hear anything. Of course regardless of what kind of input I get from this thread meaning if it's negative I will take that in consideration but will still be attending. Hey I'm not getting any younger. I've been a LPN for 7 and a half years now and want out of the nursing home NOW. It looks like ITT is my way out.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hello, I am starting the December 5th program as well
    . Were you at orientation today?
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    You guys might want to read the last few posts of this thread from someone who attends ITT. They may not be an accredited school.
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    Thanks for the heads up but I have been researching that subject and have only one thing to say about their accreditation. As long as I know that the school is approved by the illinois dept of professional regulation which they are then I know I can do two things 1. Work as a rn in illinois and two get an illinois license which is my priority. After I finish ITT I'm going for my BSN at Chamberlain. I'm not woried about the whole magnet hospital thing with the associates degree I will earn at ITT because the BSN program at Chamberlain is NLN and CCNE approved. Besides the few short months I will be working with my associates degree I will still be at my current job.

    And yes I was in orientation yesterday.
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    Well, I wish you the best. I am graduating in May from an accelerated BSN nursing program in Illinois. It is the only Evening/Weekend program in the Chicago area.
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    Wow congratulations. What school? I know Danville has one also. I would love to pass the info on
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    Resurrection University in Oak Park, IL. 16 month BSN program.

    Classes are 3 nights a week and clinicals are on Saturdays or Sundays.

    It allows me to keep my day job in finance until I get my RN license.
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    Resurrection University in Oak Park, IL. It is a 16 month BSN program.

    All prereqs are completed prior to attending. You have to get an 80% on the TEAS.

    Classes are 3 nights a week and clinicals are on Saturday or Sunday. This allows me to keep my day job in finance until I get my RN license.

    They also have a day program.
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    sorry for the double post. My computer froze and I thought it didnt go through.
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    Thanx for the info. I will definitely pass it on.

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